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10 Things to Know from QFF

1. Amid Australia’s first Varroa mite outbreak, Hort Innovation has joined forces with the University of Sydney to develop a world-first hormone-based pesticide that is safe for honeybees but fatal to Varroa mite. The project aims to help safeguard Australian honeybees and will have positive outcomes for horticultural production.  More information HERE.
2. Biosecurity Queensland is urging growers who engage beekeepers for pollination services to make arrangements for a local supply now ahead of the growing season. The threat of Varroa mite makes it even more critical to source local bees. The Queensland Beekeepers’ Association supports growers and can connect them with local beekeepers.  See QBA website HERE.
3. The Queensland Government has announced that more than 1000 small businesses will receive grants of $5000 from round 3 of the Business Basics program which supports small business to get their ‘business basics’ on track by investing in areas such as website development, marketing plans or business coaching.  More information HERE.
4. Eligible organisations are now invited to apply for funding under the Reef Assist 2.0 program for environmental projects that improve water quality in Reef catchments with a strong focus on generating jobs. The $23.5 million Reef Assist program delivers priority environmental projects and creates regional jobs for Queenslanders in the Great Barrier Reef. Program information HERE.
5. Employers are required to ensure the health and safety of their workers at their place of employment. As protection from winter illnesses and COVID-19 employers should consider implementing measures to prevent infection. Find the latest information and practical resources to help keep your workers safe HERE.
6. Place holder for the next of QFF’s Farm Business Hour.  Episode 4, Wednesday 31 August at 4.00pm Managing weather risk during extremes.  In this episode, we’ll talk to Ross Henry from the Bureau of Meteorology about weather risks, interpreting the BoM data; and we’ll look at how parametric insurance can help prepare your farm for managing severe weather conditions. Further details to come.
7. Shaughn Morgan, co-CEO of eastAUSmilk reflects on the future of the Australian Dairy industry in his latest article.  From the year when supermarkets decided to reduce the price of fresh milk to $1 per litre to today, the pressure being placed on dairy farmers continues to be immense, both economically and emotionally.  Read the article HERE.
8. In addition to the Horticultural Netting Program’s Trial Expansion the Queensland Government is commencing a review of flying-fox management regulations for crop protection. A small number of growers continue to use shooting as a method of last resort for flying-fox control. To assist in this review, government would like to understand the reasons for ongoing use of lethal take, alternative methods being used, and the barriers to taking up alternative methods. Information about the review can be found HERE.
9. Applications under Round 2 of the 2022 Investing in Queensland Women grant program close this Friday.  Grants are available to community groups and organisations across the state’s urban, rural and remote communities to develop and deliver initiatives that align with the Queensland Government’s strategic priorities for women and address the unique issues faced by women and girls. More information HERE.
10. A reminder that nominations for the 2022 Reef Champion Awards have been extended to 19 August. The extension gives outstanding land managers, extension officers, organisations and members of the community working to reduce their impact on the Great Barrier Reef further time to apply for the awards.  Information HERE.  Apply HERE.
  • August 2, 2022