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Submission: Customer Consulation - Network Tariffs 2020-2025

Bundaberg Regional Irrigators Group (BRIG) was established to represent irrigators in the Bundaberg district across a range of commodity groups including sugar cane, grain and pulse crops as well as horticulture.

BRIG members farm on approximately 36,000ha and use an estimated 1,100 irrigation pumps and associated distribution systems to irrigate a variety of crops. A significant percentage of these systems (circa 90%) are currently powered by electricity.
Electricity is a significant cost to irrigators. This cost can be amplified depending on the actual farm location and source of irrigation water in terms of the amount of head that water is required to be pumped and the volume of water required.

Whilst there are a wide variety of crops in the region, sugar cane accounts for around 80% of the nominal irrigation allocations in both the groundwater and surface water systems.

SunWater Ltd is the 100% state government owned organisation that owns and operates the surface water irrigation channels and delivery systems in our area. This system provides approximately 60% of the nominal irrigation water.

Energy Consumers Australia (ECA) have recently defined the role of the grid supplied electricity system as providing comfortable homes and competitive businesses and that in order to achieve this role the system needs to be affordable, individualised and optimised.

Our members are all attempting to operate competitive businesses.


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Assistance for Primary Producers and Small Businesses

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Transport guidelines

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 Projects and Events


The “Smartcane BMP” Program is an opportunity for sugarcane growers throughout the state to showcase their farming practices. Smartcane BMP Facilitators in your local CANEGROWERS office are available to assist growers to register on the Smartcane BMP website and to complete assessment questionnaires about various aspects of their farming practices. Growers who have registered on Smartcane BMP and completed the assessments are invited to seek assistance from their local facilitator to achieve Smartcane BMP accreditation. Facilitated training and assistance sessions are held at CANEGROWERS office each Thursday morning. For further details on the Smartcane BMP Program click here.


CANEGROWERS Insurance Scheme  - owned by growers, working for growers, was commenced in 2012 to look after our members’ insurance needs. Wide Bay Authorised Representative Colin Mobbs has extensive experience in looking after the insurance needs of the rural sector and has assisted many of our members to ensure that their insurance cover is tailored to their requirements. Col provides a personalised on-farm service to growers, primarily servicing CGU’s Canepol insurance policies. He also has access to a broad range of other insurance products and alternative underwriters so that appropriate insurance cover can be obtained for all aspects of members’ businesses at the best price.

To contact Col to discuss your insurance needs call 4151 2555 or on mobile on 0418 891 783.


 Irrigation Planning and Management Project


Our Mission is to provide representation, leadership and services and promote unity in the interest of growers.

Our Goals are to provide an effective and efficient service through a focus on growers' key concerns within a changing environment. To maximise grower and industry proceeds by marketing current and future sugar production through a structure that is transparent and accountable to the industry. To ensure that industry growth is managed and market driven within a sustainable sugar industry. To ensure environmentally and financially sustainable production through managing and coordinating inputs and resources.

Our Vision is to ensure a secure and profitable future for Bundaberg cane growers.


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