One-Eye Setts

Latest information regarding One-Eye Setts for the Bundaberg mill area.

If you have any questions in relation to the below information please contact Michael Turner on 4151 2555 or 0427 130 467.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Ability to distribute latest variety releases to growers earlier
  • Rapid multiplication of new promising varieties and commercial varieties to meet grower demand
  • Maximise productivity by allowing rapid adoption of new varieties and by managing serious diseases that are spread in seed cane like RSD etc.
  • Minimal losses and fast establishment at planting
  • Order as much as you require
  • Can be planted into field sooner after wet weather than conventional planting
  • Once established planted handled same as conventionally planted cane
  • 2-3 week growth advantage
  • Planted with a crew of three

Propagation time frame

  • Seedlings available in 6-8 weeks depending on temperature
  • Ability to propagate seedlings all year round
  • Once ready delivered to farm

Potted setts

After 6-8 weeks

Management of One-Eye Setts

Good management and hygiene practices are an important factor for good establishment and growth of seedlings.  These can range from soil preparation through to weed control. Compromising any one of these factors could have an impact on the growth of seedlings. Irrigation and weed control is one of the biggest factors limiting growth once seedlings have been planted.

Management strategies

  • Soil should be prepared to a fine tilth to ensure good root/soil contact
  • Irrigate immediately after planting to seal around seedling (flood, winch, trickle, spray line) and monitor over next couple of weeks to ensure they do not dry out.
  • Mechanical cultivation (eg. Cotton king or chip by hand) Chipping by hand preferred until established.

Do not’s

  • Do not plant seedlings into a plough out/replant block
  • Do not use diuron, young plants are sensitive to it
  • Do not use paraquat unless there is no other option and only on established plants as a directed spray
  • Do not use any 2, 4- D formulations as they can have an effect on quality of the   planting material

Weed control


  • Apply after first irrigation to moist soil before next irrigation
  • Dual Gold @1.1- 1.45L/ha plus Atradex @2.5kg/ha for grasses and broadleaf weeds. Read label.
  • Sempra@100g/ha plus Activator @120mL/100L nutgrass control. Read label
  • Both can be sprayed over the top of seedlings

Stooling/Out of hand stage (Directed spray only)

  • Valor 500 WG @ 350-700g/ha plus Paraquat 250g/L @1200mL/ha
  • Flame @300-400mL/ha plus Paraquat 250g/l @ 1.2 - 1.6L/ha
  • Paraquat 250g/L @1.2 – 1.6L/ha plus Durion 900g/kg @ 275 – 500g/ha plus 2, 4- D
  • Amine 625 @ 1.8 – 3.5L/ha

These are just a couple of mixes available. The SRA weeds management manual has more combinations for use. Read label before use.

Seedling costs


(Ex GST)






(Ex GST)



Less than 5,000

Less than 156 trays




More than 5,000

156 trays or more





Seedling planter

  •  Available to members
  • Delivered to farm and collected when finished planting
  • 200L water capacity
  • 60cm seedling spacing
  • No need for pre-drill
  • Not setup for granular fertiliser application

Seedling calculator

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