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Farmers fight reef red tape with online petition

QUEENSLAND farmers battling the stealthy rise of Reef Regulations by the Palaszczuk Government are taking the fight direct to State Parliament. An MP-sponsored e-petition seeks to reverse legislation pushed through in 2019.

The e-petition, launched on 2 June, calls for the Environmental Protection (Great Barrier Reef Protection Measures) and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2019 to be revoked.

It also demands the establishment of an Office of Science Quality Assurance to check the science being used to make political decisions.

The petition is open to every Queenslander, and is at https://www.parliament.qld.gov.au/work-of-assembly/petitions/petition-details?id=3344

“Farmers put food on every table and are a vital pillar of our national and state economy, so poor political decisions hurting the sector affect every mum, dad and child in Australia,” said Dale Holliss, Manager of Bundaberg CANEGROWERS. He also is a Director of the National Irrigators Council (NIC) and Company Secretary of Bundaberg Regional Irrigators Group (BRIG).

Julie Artiach, Manager of Pioneer CANEGROWERS in Ayr which is part of the farming consortium driving the campaign, said: “The sugar industry is a clean green carbon neutral industry that underpins families and jobs in regional communities. Farmers need support, not more red tape and hoops to jump through when they are already doing a great job.”

The campaign comes as amid the pandemic chaos the Australian population has been assured by the Government that farmers are working hard to keep plentiful amounts of food on every household table.

Mr Holliss said: “People living in urban areas know that they rely on farmers to enjoy the healthy, quality produce they eat every day. But what they don’t know is that the Queensland Government is strong-arming the farming industry with stealthy over-regulation and unwarranted demands that put further pressures on farmers financially and through increased paperwork. We urge everyone to sign the petition.

In 2019 CANEGROWERS supported a lecture tour by marine scientist and Great Barrier Reef expert Dr Peter Ridd titled How reliable is the science demonstrating damage to the Great Barrier Reef? The need for better quality control.

In the lecture Dr Ridd produced evidence that the Great Barrier Reef was “sparkling clean” and that “farmers are not killing the reef”. He also made the point that legislation should not be made on unchecked science.

Mr Holliss said: “We demand farmers be given a fair go – we feed the nation, we take care of our environment and we are being pushed to the wall with the growing tide of red tape and associated costs.”

View the Dr Peter Ridd 2019 lecture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itCQSSKwfHo&t=1500s

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Your health is our priority as we deal with the coronavirus and together we will get through this. It is crucial that people continue to listen to the advice from our medical professionals when it comes to social distancing and hygiene.

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Smartcane BMP

The “Smartcane BMP” Program is an opportunity for sugarcane growers throughout the state to showcase their farming practices. Smartcane BMP Facilitators in your local CANEGROWERS office are available to assist growers to register on the Smartcane BMP website and to complete assessment questionnaires about various aspects of their farming practices. Growers who have registered on Smartcane BMP and completed the assessments are invited to seek assistance from their local facilitator to achieve Smartcane BMP accreditation. Facilitated training and assistance sessions are held at CANEGROWERS office each Thursday morning. For further details on the Smartcane BMP Program click here.


CANEGROWERS Insurance Scheme  - owned by growers, working for growers, was commenced in 2012 to look after our members’ insurance needs. Wide Bay Authorised Representative Ray Goodwin has extensive experience in looking after the insurance needs of the rural sector and has assisted many of our members to ensure that their insurance cover is tailored to their requirements. Ray provides a personalised on-farm service to growers, primarily servicing CGU’s Canepol insurance policies. He also has access to a broad range of other insurance products and alternative underwriters so that appropriate insurance cover can be obtained for all aspects of members’ businesses at the best price.

To contact Ray to discuss your insurance needs call 4151 2555 or on mobile on 0418 891 783.


Our Mission is to provide representation, leadership and services and promote unity in the interest of growers.

Our Goals are to provide an effective and efficient service through a focus on growers' key concerns within a changing environment. To maximise grower and industry proceeds by marketing current and future sugar production through a structure that is transparent and accountable to the industry. To ensure that industry growth is managed and market driven within a sustainable sugar industry. To ensure environmentally and financially sustainable production through managing and coordinating inputs and resources.

Our Vision is to ensure a secure and profitable future for Bundaberg cane growers.