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Reef Compliance Officers Checking local farms

Bundaberg CANEGROWERS has become aware that there are Reef Regulation Compliance Officers visiting Bundaberg to audit the grower on last year’s record keeping, N & P Budget and other required documents. Impacted growers have received a letter saying that their farm has been selected for an audit, though it is Bundaberg CANEGROWERS’ understanding that dates are yet to be set.

To get ready for an audit growers will require the following

  • Primary documents such as soil test results, fertiliser invoices
  • N & P Budget including farm and soil maps
  • Records of applied fertiliser and mill mud, date applied, N & P analysis, rate applied
  • Property and person details which includes names of the growers, name and address of the farming business, lot on plan details, who makes the records

For the full list of what is required growers can look at the Department of Science and Innovation website https://www.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0030/238638/reef-prot-regs-gbr-regions-compliance-records-checklist.pdf or contact the office for a copy.

Quad Bike Helmet Rules Change

Members are advised, that on the 22nd of March 2024. A Work Place Health and Safety (Quad Bikes) Amendment Regulation was authorized by the Queensland Parliamentary Council and Minister for Industrial Relations, the Hon. Grace.

The regulation amendment now requires helmets to be worn while operating quad bikes at a workplace.

The latest changes are to quad bikes at places of work only, and do not affect recreational use.

Bundaberg CANEGROWERS encourages safe use of quad bikes, supporting licensing and training which is consistently linked to improved safety outcomes in both workplace and recreational settings.

While there may be operational implications and other safety concerns that come from wearing helmets, such as heat stress, lack of peripheral vision and restrictive hearing; it is recommended that growers follow the new regulations.

The biggest concern is the blurring of what is a workplace and a recreational place on a farm where the same piece of machinery can be used for multiple operations.

A reminder that children under the age of 16 are not permitted to ride an adult sized quad bike due to the risk of injury.

Fertiliser Bag Disposal

There is once again a way of disposing of the 1T bulk fertiliser bags. There is a scheme called the Big Bag Recovery program where only approved brands of bags can be  dumped for free while the other brands have a $5 per  bag disposal fee. Currently the only place where both types of fertiliser   bags will be accepted is at the Qunaba Waste Disposal Site   on Potters Road. Bags delivered at  other sites are deemed general waste  and a higher fee is charged.

The approved fertiliser bags include those from Incitec Pivot Limited, Nutrien Ag Solutions, Impact fertilisers, Tarra, GrowForce and Summit Fertilisers. The full list of approved  bags can be found at www.bigbagrecovery.com.au/#brands.

Non approved brands such as Koch will incur the $5 per bag disposal fee.

To prepare for disposal the online disposal booking form needs to be completed with a date and time, preferably with 24 hours notice, the bags need to be stacked and folded   with the fertiliser brand facing out,  stack the bags onto the vehicle separating the approved and non approved bags.  Once at the disposal  site a declaration  form  needs to be completed with up to 300 bags accepted at one time.

If growers have more than 300  approved scheme bags they are able to organise for an on-farm collection by Gary Gillis of Beneficial Recycling who can be contacted by email  gary.gillis@beneficialrecycling.com.au or phone on 0403 431 705.

Further information can be found on the Bundaberg Regional Council website www.bundaberg.qld.gov.au/waste-recycling/waste-recycling-programs/8. 



Sugar cane growers can now access an online training course to help them manage nutrient applications on their farms. The Sugarcane Nutrient Management training program is now available online as well as on your mobile phone, making it easier for farmers to learn how to manage nutrient applications effectively.Open your account here: https://sugarresearch.talentlms.com/index

For mobile users, download the TalentLMS mobile app for iOS and Android phones ensures that training goes on, even on the go.

Here are the simple instructions:
1.  Download the LMS Mobile app here.
2.  Enter the domain: suggarresearch to go to the Homepage.
3.  Then login with your email and password to access our course on your mobile device.
The online program’s development was funded through the Queensland Government’s Queensland Reef Water Quality Program and SRA.The online course offers a comprehensive training program that covers everything from soil testing to fertiliser application and management. It is designed to help sugarcane growers achieve the best possible yields and reduce nutrient losses. The course is structured in six easy-to-follow steps, with each step building on the previous one to provide a complete understanding of sugarcane nutrient management.

Don't just take our word for it – here's what Bundaberg CANEGROWERS' Director, Michael Cavallaro, had to say about the course:

"The Six Easy Steps Nutrient Management short online course is an excellent self-paced resource for sugarcane growers at all levels of knowledge. It provides a clear and concise guide on how to interpret soil tests and develop nitrogen and phosphorus budgets for their farms. The flexibility of the course means you can complete it in one sitting or break it up over time. Additionally, the course provides some valuable reference materials for growers. I strongly recommend this course to all sugarcane growers in the region."

If you are interested in participating in a Six Easy Steps workshop, please contact the office on 4151 2555.


CANEGROWERS Insurance Scheme  - owned by growers, working for growers, was commenced in 2012 to look after growers’ insurance needs. Wide Bay Authorised Representative Ray Goodwin has extensive experience in looking after the insurance needs of the rural sector and has assisted many growers to ensure that their insurance cover is tailored to their requirements.

Ray provides a personalised on-farm service to growers, primarily servicing CGU’s Canepol insurance policies. He also has access to a broad range of other insurance products and alternative underwriters so that appropriate insurance cover can be obtained for all aspects of a clients businesses at the best price.

To contact Ray to discuss your insurance needs call 4151 2555 or on mobile on 0418 891 783.


Our Mission is to provide representation, leadership and services and promote unity in the interest of growers.

Our Goals are to provide an effective and efficient service through a focus on growers' key concerns within a changing environment. To maximise grower and industry proceeds by marketing current and future sugar production through a structure that is transparent and accountable to the industry. To ensure that industry growth is managed and market driven within a sustainable sugar industry. To ensure environmentally and financially sustainable production through managing and coordinating inputs and resources.

Our Vision is to ensure a secure and profitable future for Bundaberg cane growers.