Water Trading


Water Trading Board

Sunwater has launched an online Water Trading Board as part of the QWMO Action Plan to support the uptake of underutilised water across Queensland. The tool will make it easier for customers and non-customers who are looking to buy or sell water to easily find each other. The digital platform is an intuitive tool for buyers and sellers of water to publish ads by listing their Sunwater water supply scheme, megalitres sought or selling and whether the trade will be temporary or permanent.

Users can view ads for the purchase or sale of water, the water supply scheme and megalitres, but will only see buyer’s or seller’s contact details to then negotiate on price once logged into the platform.  The platform provides opportunity for entry into the water market for irrigation or stock and domestic purposes through purchasing a permanent water allocation, where water is available within a water supply scheme.

The free platform is available via the Sunwater website and existing Sunwater customers can easily login with their customer identification number. New users who are not existing customers can easily create an account.

While the platform provides for the listing of ads for the purchase or sale of water, negotiation on price between the buyer and seller will occur outside the platform and the standard Sunwater process for a water sale or transfer will remain.

The platform is available under the Customer drop-down of the Sunwater website or by visiting www.sunwater.com.au/water-trading-board.

Temporary Transfer Sale

As part of a temporary water trade, Sunwater is required to publish information online including the price paid per megalitre, the volume of water transferred, and the scheme zone the water was transferred from and to. The daily publishing of this key trade information will improve customer knowledge around the availability and value of water across their relevant water supply schemes. Temporary trade information is available under the Customer drop-down of the Sunwater website or by visiting sunwater.com.au/temporary-transfer-sale-information.

Bundaberg CANEGROWERS’ Water Trading Register

The introduction of the Sunwater Water Trading Board has replaced the need for a Water Trading Register on the Bundaberg CANEGROWERS website.

If you require assistance registering or including an entry on the Sunwater Water Trading Board, please contact the office on 4151 2555.