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WR and AJ Baldry were announced as the District Champion at the Annual Bundaberg Sugar Industry Productivity Awards held at The Bundaberg Multiplex on Friday 25 March.

Director of Bundaberg Sugar Services Limited, Mr Ian Dart congratulated Wayne and Andrea Baldry who’s Bundaberg farm took out the top award of the night – Formatt Machinery’s District Champion with a three-year average of 16.86 tonnes of sugar per hectare.

Representatives from all sectors of the industry and their business associates gathered to hear the awards announced and to celebrate some great productivity outcomes in spite of the weather and other challenges experienced during the 2021 crushing season. The 2021 crushing season was the first Bundaberg crushing season since the closure of Bingera Mill.

Chairman of Bundaberg CANEGROWERS, Mr Mark Pressler, took the opportunity to acknowledge the continued support of local sponsors of the awards and encouraged growers to continue to do business with these local service providers.

Allan Dingle, former Chairman of Bundaberg CANEGROWERS Ltd, was recognised for his Service to Industry that began back in 1997 when he first joined the Fairymead Mill Suppliers’ Committee. During his time serving the industry, Allan was Chairman of the Bundaberg Regional Irrigators Group and a Director of the Grain and Cane Co-operative plus Allan represents the Bundaberg district on the Queensland CANEGROWERS Policy Council and served as Deputy Chairman of QCGO and as a Director on the QCGO Board. Allan was appointed a Director of the Queensland Farmers Federation in 2014 and in 2019 was appointed President. Allan has held many other committee positions over his farming career.

Well know Bundaberg entertainer Ashley Walmsley entertained guests with his tailored performance that tapped into the heart of what makes Bundaberg such a great place to live, while also highlighting the peculiarities of the place.

Trevor Jensen was recognised for supplying Bundaberg Mills for 50 Years.


J & R McCracken Highest Actual CCS Samples

                              - JJ & Mrs DB Bailey 17.80 CCS

                               - DA & Mrs MM Pape (No 1)    17.80 CCS

Cheshire Machinery Harvesting Contractor Award for Best Harvesting Efficiency and Most Reliable Performance  - McDonald Murphy

                               - KJ Young & Sons Pty Ltd

Wilson’s Industrial Sales Award For The Best Farm Presentation For Harvesting

                               - MGBJP Pty Ltd atf the Piper Family Trust

QSL Award for Contribution to Productivity  -  

                               - Michael Turner

NuFarm Award for Service to Industry   

                               - Allan Dingle

SunWater Award  - Young Industry Achiever 

                               - Chris Zunker 

Ergon Energy Inspiring Female Leader Award

                               - Dianne Bailey

Incitec Pivot Cane Growing Excellence Award – Two Divisions:

                               - 1. Up to and including 60 ha   - GM & P Bonaventura (No 1)

                               - 2. Greater than 60 ha  – PN and JF Larsen

RDO Equipment Award for % Closest Estimate to Actual Tonnage – 

                               - DL, RL and Mrs MR Lines

Sunfam Awards for Highest Tonnes Sugar Per Harvested Hectare         

                               - SA Algeo

Bundaberg Distilling Co Awards for High Sugar Producers

                         Akers Farms Pty Ltd (No 3)                         16.97 ts/ha

                         BD Loeskow                                                  16.77 ts/ha

                         MJ & HM Olive Trustee                               16.34 ts/ha

                         MJ Richter                                                     15.90 ts/ha

                         IMEK Rasmussen Pty Ltd (No 1)                 15.54 ts/ha

Elston Award for Most Sustainable Yield for the Past 3 Seasons

                               - Mrs EM and Mr SR Taske

Formatt Machinery District Champion  -–

                               - WR & AJ Baldry (No 1)

50+ Years (Medallion) –

                               - Trevor Jensen