What we do for Growers

Greater bargaining power with mills for more favourable supply contracts

  • Our growers have maximised allowances and benefits using the negotiating power of the collective to secure more favourable supply contracts with Bundaberg Sugar.

Forward Pricing enabling growers to lock in future prices

Low cost members only crop insurance

  • Our members have access to low cost, robust crop insurance for fire damage.

The Bundaberg District Canegrower and Australian Canegrower magazine

  • Our members are kept informed with the latest on smart business and farming practices, industry news and events, through our monthly newsletter and email updates and the fortnightly Australian Canegrower magazine.

Bulk buying discounts

  • All our CANEGROWERS members have access to thousands of dollars worth of savings.

Strongest industry voice in negotiating industry-wide matters

  • CANEGROWERS is negotiating water pricing with the State Government.
  • CANEGROWERS is negotiating ongoing access to a range of pesticide and fertilisers with the Federal and State Government.
  • CANEGROWERS is negotiating cane growers' right to farm and continues to provide the strongest industry voice to counter the anti-farming environmental lobby.

Growers need a strong CANEGROWERS organisation 

Lobby on behalf of growers

To protect trade arrangements

  • Obtain access to a range of pricing options for growers to have input into the pricing of their share of sugar.
  • Achieve global free-trade and a level playing field for Australian cane growers.
  • Maintain an equitable share of industry proceeds.

To protect transport and milling arrangements

  • Maintain a strong independent cane testing service to ensure that growers’ sugar cane is accurately sampled, analysed and paid for.
  • Retain existing favourable mill transport arrangements and security of existing points of delivery.

To minimise imposition of legislation on growers

  • Pushback against Reef Regulations
  • Protect the interests of cane growers under legislation affecting transport of weeds, vegetation and wetland management and coastal protection.
  • Oppose government moves to force growers to contribute to road building and maintenance costs.

To minimise cost of farming

  • Fight with electricity companies and AER to keep costs of electricity to a minimum
  • Negotiate NHVR and Qld Transport regulations to lessen burden of travel on growers
  • Negotiate with Oreco to make arrangements on behalf of growers for the sale of trash and baling

Provide services and advice

  • Provide access to and the support of an organisation with dedicated and skilled elected representatives and staff to provide the best advice and assistance available.
  • Offer a range of industry services and industry specific training to support our business enterprise.
  • Meet the challenges of farm input costs through group purchasing strategies.
  • Provide grower friendly approaches to meeting requirements such as Reef Regulations, N&P Budgets, Land and Water Management Plan, Nutrient Management and other related issues.
  • Provide user friendly easy to access website

Improve community image

  • Show the community how cane growers are improving their sustainability and profitability. 
  • Actively promote improved cane growing practices to the environmental lobby and government, especially in respect to vegetation, native animals, waterways and the Great Barrier Reef.

Have your Say!

Grower members of CANEGROWERS have the opportunity to have their say into the direction the organisation takes.  Elected representatives (Directors) of the CANEGROWERS companies are elected by grower members to represent the interests of growers at both local and State levels.

Grain in Cane Agronomy service

The Bundaberg CANEGROWERS Grain in Cane Agronomy Service is available to CANEGROWERS members on a fee for service basis. As part of this agronomy service for legume break crops (excluding peanuts) you receive a minimum of five paddock inspections, reports from inspections, district updates and invitations to grower meetings, field days and tours.

The Agronomy Service fee is broken up into a membership fee and an agronomy fee. The membership fee is $110 (GST Inclusive). This  provides access to district updates and invitations to field days and tours. The agronomy fee of $22 /ha (GST Inclusive) includes paddock inspections and individual reports from those inspections. For those members who wish to grow the crop for green manure only, the agronomy fee is reduced to $11 /ha. The agronomy service assists with decision making on weed control, nutrition, insect control and harvest preparation.

The reports and district updates will be emailed, posted or faxed depending on your preference. To become a member of Grain in Cane complete an application form and return it to Bundaberg CANEGROWERS.

For further information contact Matthew Leighton on 4151 2555 or mobile 0437 084 035.

Wage preparation Scheme

How we can help you:

  • Provision of relevant forms for new employee.
  • Acceptance/Submission of forms to Authorities including STP Phase 2.
  • Computer/manual record keeping in accordance with requirements.
  • Calculation of wages payable in accordance with completed employee timesheets together with applicable tax deductions and superannuation payable.  Timesheet books are available from our office.
  • Allocation of any employee deductions such as additional superannuation, salary sacrifice or Child Support Agency payments.
  • Allocation of leave taken and calculation of leave accruals with record keeping for balances due and owing. Wages can be calculated weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
  • Processing days are Monday (fortnightly pays only) as well as every Tuesday and Friday.
  • Timesheets are to be provided to Bundaberg CANEGROWERS Ltd by 9.30 a.m. on the day of processing.  These may be emailed, faxed or hand delivered.  Please note that original signed timesheets need to be retained for a period of 7 years.  We can maintain these records on your behalf or originals can be retained by you.
  • Printed Pay Advices will be prepared and provided to you by 3.00 p.m. for supply to your employees – these can be emailed/faxed to you or, alternatively, you may collect them from our office.  A daily summary report can also be provided for easy reference, if required.
  • Nett wages will be payable by you to your employees and PAYG tax withheld from your employees’ wages will be payable by you to the Australian Taxation Office. 
  • Please note that you will need to register for PAYG withholding with the Australian Taxation Office by the first wages processing day.  A registered Tax Agent or BAS Agent should be able to assist with this process using the ATO’s on-line portal or you can contact the ATO on 13 28 66 during business hours.
  • IMPORTANT - It is your responsibility to arrange an accident insurance policy with WorkCover Queensland.  For more information including “Who Should I Cover?” and to apply on-line visit the website or phone 1300 362 128 to make arrangements.

Superannuation Guarantee contributions together with any monies deducted from an employee’s pay for additional superannuation will be invoiced to you at the end of every month together with any wage preparation fees. 

Upon payment by you, contributions will be submitted to your employee’s chosen superannuation fund by way of a Clearing House and, in accordance with the ATO’s new Data and E-Commerce Standards. 

Payment of our account will be due by the 20th of each month to ensure that Superannuation Guarantee obligations are met.  Non-payment of our account by the due date may result in you having to meet your superannuation obligations by way of lodgement of a Superannuation Guarantee Charge Statement directly with the Australian Taxation Office which will include interest and an administration fee.  In this event, Bundaberg CANEGROWERS Ltd will issue a credit note in respect of the superannuation component of the invoice.

To assist you with preparation of your Business Activity Statement or Instalment Activity Statement, Bundaberg CANEGROWERS Ltd will provide you with a Monthly Report indicating wages paid, tax or other amounts deducted and allocation of superannuation.  Upon authorisation, monthly or quarterly reports can be directly forwarded to your BAS Agent/Accountant on your behalf.

Bundaberg CANEGROWERS Ltd will seek information from you regarding Reportable Fringe Benefits amounts for the FBT year 1 April to 31 March to enable correct reporting to the Australian Taxation Office.  This information will be recorded in the payroll system and Bundaberg CANEGROWERS Ltd will issue Payment Summaries directly to your employees at the end of the financial year to enable lodgement of their Income Tax Return. 

Payroll information will be sent to yourself or to your BAS Agent/Accountant (if authorised) in a format acceptable for upload to the Australian Taxation Office to enable lodgement of your Payment Summary Annual Report.

Bundaberg CANEGROWERS Ltd will prepare any final pays for terminated employees including calculation of leave entitlements, tax payable and allocation of any lump sum payments.  If an employee requires a Separation Certificate, this will be prepared on your behalf and forwarded to you for signature and issue to the employee. 

Fees for the wage service are charged at $11.00 per month for preparation plus $11.00 per timesheet processed except for termination payments which are charged at $22.00 each.  Fees for non-members of Bundaberg CANEGROWERS Ltd are $22.00 per month for preparation plus $11.00 per timesheet or $22.00 per termination payment. 

Other benefits of utilising Bundaberg CANEGROWERS Wage Service

  • Working knowledge of Sugar Industry Award 2020
  • Understanding of National Employment Standards/Fair Work
  • Understanding of Taxation issues
  • Knowledge of Superannuation Guarantee obligations

Talk to us about any employment issues you may have.

Should you wish to utilise this service, please complete the Payroll Preparation Authority and talk to us about scheduling your wages processing.  Contact Kate Odgaard at our office (07) 4151 2555 for more information.

CJ Cooper & Associates Solicitors

Chris Cooper, has been operating the law firm, C J Cooper & Associates, as principal, since 1986 and during that time has been legal consultant to the Queensland Cane Growers’ Organisation and Bundaberg CANEGROWERS.  In this role, Chris has been assisting and advising the CANEGROWER organisations and their growers in a varied range of legal issues.

Chris has extensive personal experience in the sugar industry having been raised on a cane farm in the Moreton area.  Chris’ practical experience of sugarcane farming issues has helped him to be more understanding and intuitive of the legal issues facing those connected with the sugar industry.

The firm’s practice is not just restricted to the sugar industry. Chris also represents a diverse range of clients in other rural industries and in various other commercial areas of law including dispute resolution, resumption and compensation claims and property transactions.

To contact Chris, please call (07) 3864 6441.

Workplace Health and Safety

The Queensland Government has recently revised a number of laws and regulations relating to Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) on farms. Workplace Health and Safety Queensland has prepared a number of information sheets on OHS on farms, which help explain the issues and responsibilities when it comes to protecting yourself, your workers, your family, and others. The home page allows you to navigate for more information and fact sheets. Information on the regulations is available here. The following links will also direct you to more specific information from Workplace Health and Safety Queensland.

Confined spaces.

Asbestos safe work procedures. 

Hazardous chemicals.

Managing WHS risks.

Manual tasks.


Managing the risks of falls.

Machinery and Equipment.


CANEGROWERS Insurance Scheme  - owned by growers, working for growers, was commenced in 2012 to look after growers’ insurance needs. Wide Bay Authorised Representative Ray Goodwin has extensive experience in looking after the insurance needs of the rural sector and has assisted many of our growers to ensure that their insurance cover is tailored to their requirements. Ray provides a personalised on-farm service to growers, primarily servicing CGU’s Canepol insurance policies. He also has access to a broad range of other insurance products and alternative underwriters so that appropriate insurance cover can be obtained for all aspects of growers’ businesses at the best price.

To contact Ray to discuss your insurance needs call 4151 2555 or on mobile on 0418 891 783.


Elston provide wealth management solutions to farmers, business owners, professionals and affluent individuals and families.

Elston are proud to be associated with Bundaberg CANEGROWERS and look forward to building a strong relationship with all the members through the provision of professional and trusted advice. They are able to help members achieve their lifestyle and financial goals by working with them and their other advisers (such as accountants and lawyers) to develop a comprehensive plan.

Asset Protections, Wealth Accumulation, Estate & Succession Planning are some of the key areas that Elston can assist with.

To contact Elston for an appointment to discuss your financial needs, call 1300 ELSTON or view their website here.

Smartcane BMP

The “Smartcane BMP” Program is an opportunity for sugarcane growers throughout the state to showcase their farming practices. Smartcane BMP Facilitators in your local CANEGROWERS office are available to assist growers to register on the Smartcane BMP website and to complete assessment questionnaires about various aspects of their farming practices. Growers who have registered on Smartcane BMP and completed the assessments are invited to seek assistance from their local facilitator to achieve Smartcane BMP accreditation. Facilitated training and assistance sessions are held at CANEGROWERS office each Thursday morning. For further details on the Smartcane BMP Program click here.