Bundaberg Sugar Services Limited

What we do for members

Bundaberg Sugar Services Ltd was established in 2004 to acquire and take over all of the assets and liabilities of the  statutory body known as Bundaberg Cane Protection and Productivity Board, and to generally carry on the work of that body.

 Our Long Term objectives are:

a. to enhance the productivity of the sugar industry by increasing the quantity and improving the quality of cane produced by crops grown in the Bundaberg district and any other areas determined by the Board from time to time;

b. to achieve regional sustainability in the Bundaberg area through full utilisation of sugar industry capital;

c. to help minimise any damage to the environment that may be caused by activities of the sugar industry within its area;

 Our Short Term Objectives are:

a. to provide suitable advice and help to members about:

  • the prevention, control and eradication of pest infestation and disease of cane or any other matter or thing that adversely affects the quantity or quality of crops of cane; and/or
  • the production and harvesting of cane;

b. to help, and cooperate with, other bodies involved in preventing, controlling and eradicating pests in cane;

c. to help, and cooperate with, other bodies involved in researching the production, harvesting, transport and processing of cane;

d. to provide advice and information to members for the preservation and enhancement of the capacity of land to sustain crops of cane.