Member Services

Approved Seed Production and Distribution

Mr Michael Turner implements the Approved Seed Production and Distribution program and ensures that the plots are sampled for RSD, planted with the selected varieties and routinely inspected. Michael is also in charge of pest and disease management and carries out farm inspection and interpretation of specific pest or disease incidence as well as inspection of plant sources on individual farms. The approved seed production is our core business and it is critical that we maintain and where possible modernise how this service is delivered. Whilst the Board intends to continue with the current approved seed and distribution plot concept for the foreseeable future  we are actively pursuing the ability to utilise tissue culture to get commercial varieties to growers a lot earlier.


Irrigation Management

Our members currently have access to soil moisture monitoring information available via email,  SMS text messages and a customised industry web site.

Bundaberg Sugar Services also provides irrigation pump assessments, irrigation application assessments and irrigation scheduling support.

Weather stations located on local farms upload data every 20 minutes to keep growers up to date with variations in the regional daily weather. Current air temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, rainfall - midnight to midnight each day and wind direction is available. Other important information provided by our weather stations is average wind speed, speed of wind gusts and maximum and minimum temperature and soil temperature.