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As I write this I can feel the morning air cooling off, the crop has filled out well with the ongoing showers and rain events continuing across the last few weeks. We need some fine weather from now on to help the crop ripen.

The start of the pre season crush is set for 21 May for Bundaberg Sugar and the start of the core season is set for 10 June. In consultation with Bundaberg Sugar Ltd we have set the starting base CCS at 13.0 and will regularly review  it once the season is underway.

Bundaberg CANEGROWERS met with Bundaberg Sugar representatives on 7 May for a pre season meeting to finalise any issues before the crush starts.

Bundaberg Sugar invited harvesting contractors and group spokespersons to a meeting on 9 May to go through procedures, safety and answer any questions that may arise. If you have any concerns with the information presented at this meeting, please let us know.

By now you should have received your harvesting roster and the 2024 estimate is 1.22 million tonnes. I personally think we have a pretty good chance of achieving this.

Some growers have been contacted by the Reef Regulation Auditors for an audit of their compliance activities. If any growers have received a request, please call the office and talk to Matt Leighton. Matt or Tanya are available to assist before and during the audit review.

We have a full contingent of auditors and full audit coverage at Millaquin again this year. If you have any queries during the upcoming season please contact the office and they will lodge an enquiry with the auditor on your behalf.

Soybean harvest is underway although due to the forecast dry weather and high sugar prices there were not many hectares planted this season.

Bundaberg Regional Council is due to hand down their budget soon and representatives from Bundaberg CANEGROWERS, Bundaberg Regional Irrigators Group, Bundaberg Ag-Food and Fibre Alliance, CANEGROWERS Isis and Bundaberg Fruit and Vegetable Growers will be meeting with the Bundaberg Mayor and Councillors to ensure the recent land valuation increases are not used as a cash cow to fund the forecast $17m deficit.

Mark Pressler

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