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Well the harvesting season is just around the corner, as you are aware due to the wet conditions Bundaberg Sugar was not able to complete the pre crush plan.

As a result we have agreed to change the growers start date to 27 June on the proviso that 40,000 tonnes of Mill owned cane is removed from the core season and crushed at the end of the season.

QSL have noted the initial advance rate at $391 per tonne of sugar. I personally cannot remember it to have ever been this high. Let’s hope the season goes as planned and we can get this valuable crop processed in a timely and safe manner.

Reports from the mill are suggesting field conditions aren’t too bad albeit the need to look diligently for the driest blocks, early indications are around 12.00 to 13.5 CCS.

Following a concerted effort we have achieved a better outcome for the drought revocation date. Drought relief from electricity charges will be extended to 31 May 2022 and cease from that date onwards. A big thank you to Jo Sheppard and her team at QFF and Chris Cooper from QCGO for their assistance in achieving a good outcome for our growers.

Recently we assisted a grower in resolving a billing issue with ERGON caused by a delayed disconnection request. Working with Ergon Energy Retail, were able to achieve a positive outcome resulting in a refund for the grower on this occasion, however we would like to use this as a timely reminder on the importance of finalising and closing accounts when moving or no longer requiring electricity at a particular connection point as up until this action is completed, the account holder remains financially responsible for any charges that may be accumulated by the account.

If you are having any issues with your electricity accounts please call Courtney for assistance.

Caitlyn Killick will finish up with Sugar Services on 1 July 2022. We thank Caitlyn for her service to the industry and wish her all the best for the future.

Mark Pressler

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